Rollup Minimum Billable Time per Ticket
Rollup Minimum Billable Time per Ticket

Bit of background – ConnectWise rolls up time per time entry – but that’s not always the way we want it.

Some of us want to have minimum billable charge per service ticket.  To achieve this is a huge admin headache to go through and rectify time entries to make it up to the minimum.

For example – Why Minimum Time per time entry doesn’t work:

You want to bill a minimum 30 mins per Ticket, scenario a) ticket which has two time entries of 0.1 each.  you can’t make it minimum 0.5 per time entry else that would charge 1 hour (2 x 0.5).  You can’t also have 0.25 to make 0.5 as if there were only 1 time entry then you are under charging.

So our solution goes through and finds all closed tickets that are ready for billing and rolls up the billable time to your selected minimum time.

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