When we looked to resolve this one we thought it was going to be simple, but to give you flexibility and control it turned out a little more complex than we first thought.  i.e. we realized you probably need/want to be able to determine certain fields on the new opp, not just the defaults – i.e. instead of defaulting to New status, maybe you want to put an Opp into Closed Status as a historical reference.

So we’ve determined that some fields are fixed per opportunity type, like status and name. Other fields are variable for every opportunity – such as who the client is, who the sales member is etc.

Subject line of the Email carries all the variables.  Templates have the fixed fields.

To: tricks@ape-pi.com

From: select appropriate member to be assigned as Primary Sales Rep – i.e. Territory Manager, or Contact for this item.  We will look them up as a member in CW.

Subject Line: OppTrick/[template#]/[CompanyRecID]/[ContactRecID]/+DaysClosed

first section: “OppTrick/” leave this, so that we know what to do with it in our mailbox.

2nd section: “template#/ – eg “Template2”, which is in reference to the template you created under Ape-PI company.  See Template Section below.

3rd Section: CompanyRecID, make sure you don’t change this as this is the token for the company record id of the client company associated with the workflow, this is used as the company of the Opp.

4th Section: ContactRecID, make sure you don’t change this as this is the recID of the contact to associate with the workflow and therefore the new Opp

5th Section: =DaysClosed we just need a number here, which will add to today to give you an expected close date – i.e. if you want a renewal opp created today, but with a close date of 1 year from now, you would put “/365”

EXAMPLE: which will use Template to to create an opportunity with a close date of this time next year against the company and contact from this workflow/track.




While you weren’t looking we went ahead and created some templates for you.  They are under Ape-PI company in your ConnectWise.  Go ahead take a look.  Now use these, and you can create as many as you like going forward.

Note: if this is intefering with any reporting, set the end date to way in the future or way in the past out of your reporting periods as we overwrite the end date with the +daysclosed variable from above.

Really important to keep the Template#/ bit there so we can call it up again.  You can actually call it whatever you want, but make sure you reference it in your send email subject line – we prefer to use template#.

Go through and setup each templated Opportunity that you want to create using workflows.  Ensuring you set the following as from here we pull:

Type, Stage, Status, Notes, Probability, Source, Rating, Campaign, Inside Rep, Location, Department,

Roadmapped:     Forecast,  Products,  Team %

Note: Activities can be added using workflow rules separately.