Why we created a Microsoft Flow Connector for ConnectWise

Working for an MSP for over 10 years I realised how much work is involved in keeping the lights on. We are often too busy firefighting and focusing on dealing with tickets that we don’t have time to focus on getting things setup correctly to enable us for exponential growth. Flow is one of those tools that takes time to setup, but once it is setup the reward is compounding.

I became a fan of Microsoft Flow in the early days. I previously loved Zapier and IFTTT services – I still do, but Flow to me is more secure and stable. I learned the hard way to create integrations into ConnectWise, using raw JSON. I then found myself supporting users more and more as they didn’t know how to get things setup or troubleshooting errors.

So I embarked on creating a Custom Connector to simplify the user experience within Flow. Making the Connector creates a familiar interface much like those published through templates etc. After realising the value of this I didn’t think twice before trying to spread the word.

ConnectWise Manage like all software has some limitations. Using Microsoft Flow eliminates those limitation and sets you above your competitors.

I hope you enjoy the work I’ve put into the connector. I love the idea that you can automate functions in your business to save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Get creative and tell me how you’ve benefited from Flow and especially how you use the integration into ConnectWise.