One door closes another 10 open – losing an opp but automatically creating alternative options

A prospect has declined a proposal – don’t give up!!  pitch them a broken down bundle of products, which over time will grow their spend.  For example:

So I know common logic is MSP or nothing, but sometimes that just doesn’t fly.  So say you’ve presented your MSP offering, client says no, but you would consider picking them up as T&M to do some project work, show your a solid provider and then repitch the MSP offering later on.

Why not use this opportunity to explode the MSP offering into smaller components, get some commitments from the client and then you are a much smaller step towards selling them MSP later if they are already half way there.

We’ve setup workflow rules that if an opportunity type is lost, we can generate other opportunities automatically, so things don’t get forgotten.

Using the above example, where we’ve lost an MSP proposal.  We then break that up into 5 more opportunities to sell them block time support, alerting and monitoring, security, endpoint protection, backup management – whatever suits your business.

Let the good times roll!

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