100% Opportunities 100% of the time – How to Create Blocks of Opportunities for all new clients

Are you concerned that you, or your sales team maybe missing opportunities because you simply rely on remembering to raise a subject with the client.

Now, with Ape-PI’s new opportunity trick, you can setup as part of your onboarding track the creation of all your standard opportunities, like: Managed Services; Server Infrastructure; Network Infrastructure, Firewall & Wifi; Security & Protection; Backup and DR; PC Hardware; Office 365; UFB & Data; Telephony; Print; Physical Security; Boardroom & Conferencing facility; Primary Application Management.

With these opportunities auto generating, you can have peace of mind that your sales team are going to have the conversation with the client – now they manage the opportunities by pushing the close dates out but at least they are having the conversation right!

Super bonus is that this provides a framework for clients budget planning as well as your funnel and financial forecasting.

Training new sales guys is a breeze with all the opportunities laid out for the clients too!

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